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There are only 125 Kakapo Parrots left on Planet Earth today. So few, that all of them have been individually named.
One among them is a world famous superstar called Sirocco.
Sirocco – how a dud became a stud, is the delightful rags-to-riches story of a bird that shot to mega-stardom.



There is more to the Nature than meets our eyes. Nature is made of hundreds of micro habitats, where tiny creatures rule, thrive and survive. Hidden though they may be from the naked eye, these microworlds are complex and dramatic. This is an exploration of one such secret sanctuary - Rock Pools.

Through intimate macro filming, this short film provides an unusual, larger-than-life glimpse into the mini world of tide pool animalsin Dunedin, New Zealand. As they struggle to adapt to their ever-changing environment, the viewer is ushered into a dramatic mini universe, where animals have found unique ways to deal with the fierce competition for food and space.



In a remote forest in New Zealand, there is a creature that has existed unchanged for 200 million years. The dinosaurs went extinct, but they survived.

Dr. Phil Bishop, a renowned amphibian specialist, travels to the North Island of New Zealand to find these creatures. Through apassionate and enthusiastic interview with Bishop, we learn about what makes these animals so special, and find out more about amphibians around the world.




In a world choked with a population of nearly 8 billion people, it has become a cliche to talk about the depletion of the natural world, the destruction of forests, the extinction of species and the loss of natural habitats to human encroachment. Yet, cliches are like epigrams. They contain universal and undeniable truths.

It is in this context that Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in Northern India, acquires special significance. Dudhwa deconstructs those cliches because it has nurtured and protected some of India's most endangered species, despite the many challenges that beset conservation in the region. This documentary on Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is dedicated to the efforts of all those directly and indirectly committed to keeping this beautiful wilderness a safe refuge for some of India's most spectacular wildlife.




Set against the modern world of sordidness and mindless masquerade, 'A song for Eden' is a celebration of the true and pristine spirit of life that can only be found in nature. Conservationists believe Africa's wildlife to be the last remnant of past biological wealth, and as the fast expanding modern wasteland continues to nudge its way inexorably into nature, we realise that this shrinking corner of the world, is perhaps one of the last unspoiled places on our planet where wild animals can run free. The loss of habitat and continued problem of poaching could spell doom for the natural world, unless we act upon it now to save the only places on earth that still seem to have a soul...