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Kapur believes her love of nature and her study of literature have helped her develop a keen eye for timeless stories. “This has stood in me great stead as a wildife filmmaker, because I choose to tell stories on screen and not simply document wildlife,” she adds. 


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Ashwika Kapur, a 26-year-old wildlife filmmaker from Calcutta, has become the youngest woman from the country to get nominated for the Green Oscars — a part of the annual Wildscreen Film Festival at Bristol, UK.



Ashwika is perhaps one of the youngest Indians to make it to the finals of the Green Oscars, also known as The Panda Awards. What makes the nomination all the more special for her is that it's literally a one-woman production.



Kapur classifies herself in the factual film-maker genre. She says, "I look at the scientific world as a treasure-trove of stories waiting to be told. Science communication in today's world is important, and when it's done right, it not only entertains but educates." And for her that is of greatest value. As a storyteller and a cinematographer she hopes to inform as-well-as inspire people, but specifically with fascinating stories from the science and natural history world.



Ms Kapur said when she came across Sirocco's story she knew this was the documentary she wanted to make.

''Sirocco is irresistibly endearing, cheekier than a monkey and remarkably bizarre in his mannerisms.

''He is an extraordinary character and his story is equally extraordinary; a true-blue 'rags to riches' tale, as it were.



Recent Otago University film-making graduate Ashwika Kapur has hit the big time with her documentary From Dud to Stud, about Sirocco the kakapo, who is the only bird in the world with a government position.Kapur's film has been selected as one of three finalists in the newcomer section of WildScreen, one of the world's most prestigious wildlife and environmental film festivals.



26-year-old Ashwika Kapuris no stranger to films; she's been around them for as long as she can remember. Years later, when she decided to bring together her love for both film and animals, she didn't think she'd also be prepping for an acceptance speech at "The Green Oscars