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There are only 125 Kakapo Parrots left on Planet Earth today. So few, that all of them have been individually named.

One among them is a world famous superstar called Sirocco.

Sirocco – how a dud became a stud, is the delightful rags-to-riches story of a bird that shot to mega-stardom.



Sirocco is the only bird in the world with a government job. The film grips the audience as it unfolds the story of this bizarre parrot catapulted (by a strange chain of events) to fame and recognition. Today this bird has his own PR team that manages his public image. He has a social media following (over 100,000) that has surpassed that of many human celebrities. He even gets his own VIP seat in the airplane that flies him on official tours.

In New Zealand, Sirocco’s fans, including government officials, wait eagerly to get a glimpse of him. This film delightfully captures the inconceivable excitement that this parrot inspires wherever he goes. The narrative focuses on the most unusual story of this humble bird’s phenomenal rise to fame. The cinematography allows the viewers a rare glimpse into the uniquely unprecedented life of this megastar bird, capturing, through intimate footage, the adorable shades of Sirocco’s quirky character.


Over 14,000 people from 162 countries voted the Kakapo the world’s favorite species in 2013. The Tiger and the African Elephant came 2nd and 3rd.

There are only 125 Kakapo in the world, most of whom live on a single, quarantined island in the southern pacific ocean.

Kakapo are flightless, noctural parrots and are known to live upto a 100 years.

They are world's heaviest parrots, and can weigh as much as 3 kgs, which makes them look a lot like teddy bears.